THE Fly Fishing Giveaway – Heads Up!

The Fall Fly FIshing Giveaway The Fall Fly Fishing Giveaway

I’ve been reading ‘This Is Fly’ for some time now, but somehow, I’ve missed the daily blog run by the TIF folks. They’re currently supporting a giveaway, so if there’s a good time to check it out… now is the time.


Enter to win gear from Tacky, Fly Fish Food, Airflo, Cheeky, Rep Your Water, Fishpond, ECHO, and plenty of others. Check it out here. But hurry up… the contest closes October 09, 2017!


Howitzer Bustin Baitfish

It’s no secret. You post a youtube video with a double-digit length, and you’re not likely to get much click-through. News? No thanks, I read the headlines. Press release? Naw, I saw the tweet.

The difficulty is, if you’re tying some of these larger articulated streamers (#articulationnation), even the fastest tiers get sores if their chairs aren’t soft enough. In this video, the Flymen Fishing Company speed things up with an abbreviated version. This pattern is a simple tie (mostly marabou and synthetic hackle) boasting a “Howitzer,” which is billed as the next-generation soft foam popper head. This follows last year’s introduction of the popular ‘double barrel’ popper head design. I haven’t tied mine yet, But I’d expect tons of noise for this cute topwater-pattern.

Check it out below.



Holsinger’s Fly Shop – Blowtorch Nymph

I’m not sure if I’ve featured that much of Shawn’s work, but if not, it’s about time. Here, Shawn explains how to tie a Blowtorch Nymph: a medium-to-heavy bead-head nymph. Particularly, this fly works well as a point or dropper on a tight-line nymphing rig, depending on how it’s tied.

Holsinger’s fly shop is a small shop in East Freedom, PA, and proprieter Shawn Holsinger has been picking up his social media presence recently. Shawn’s videos aren’t going to wow anyone with high-definition, videography, or surprising tying techniques. That being said, he’s really been killing it lately, demonstrating how to tie exactly what he’s been fishing. Recently, his channel has been heavy on Euro-nymphs, and with good reason. These flies are simple to tie, drop to the strike-zone, and catch trout. Ease into your week with a few of Shawn’s videos, or feel free to subscribe for a new video every Monday afternoon.


Eggs Over Easy

Yesterday, we saw a quick, guide-style, fly pattern called the antron egg with a tutorial from Tightline Video. Today, I’m tying up quicker and easier versions of this fly called ‘Eggs Over Easy,’ which was predictably also explained beautifully by Tim Flagler.

Find the relevant tutorial below, and get working on these ‘Over Easy’ sole-material flies.


Antron Egg

A few days ago, I talked about how I was tying up a ton of egg patterns this winter. It’s steelhead season now, and spring trout (stocked or otherwise) will take these patterns. Love the patterns or hate them, nobody can dispute their effectiveness.


Tonight, I’m tying the Antron Egg fly pattern, particularly the style that was shown by Tim Flagler from tightline videos. Tim makes it look effortless as he’s tying, but I’m finding a little difficulty keeping the slick fibers from gapping and clumping when flipped backwards over the dubbing. We’ve all got shortcomings. Check out the video below, and grab your bobbin to crank some out.


Some Optimism for Friday

In Pittsburgh, I’m used to the unpredictable weather. We seem to live in a certain bubble where forecasts are a little less ‘scientific hypothesis’ and a little more ‘documented shrug.’ The East-coast has¬†certainly seen its share of strange weather this winter. Or, at least, what memory presents as strange weather. I clearly remember unseasonable temperatures last winter, so perhaps, like everywhere else in life, I’m the out-of-touch one.


Regardless, our ability to predict stream conditions diminish the further we are from our home waters. That certainly applies to Steelhead Alley. Lake effect precipitation patterns combine with slick, slate-bottomed streams to muddy potential prognosises. When exacerbated by unreliable fishing or stream reports, forecasts can become muddier than the chocolate-milk often found flowing through Elk Creek after your two-hour drive northward. And trust me. That can be frustrating af.


Nevertheless, yinzers (Pittsburghers) are increasingly chasing chrome in the Erie tribs, and I’m no exception. The prize is a tempting one, so I’ll find myself excuses to drive North.


Speaking of which, reports are currently indicating low, clear stream conditions. Snow starts tonight which should be able to raise and moderate stream levels/turbidity. Air temps fluctuating above and below the melting point will help, and hopefully the sustained winds of 11-20mph will keep the anglers away. Conditions should be perfect for my day off on Friday.


What a coincidence.


Anyway, as I’m restocking all my essential patterns, I’ll be posting some tutorials for anyone that might be interested. If I leave out any of your favorite patterns, lemme know what should be in my box instead.