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Ridley Creek – 05/24/2015

Delaware County, PA Blue Heron at Ridley Creek

Today, the fiance and I went fishing at Ridley Creek, along the CRFFO section. The weather was pretty moderate, probably peaking at 76 degrees or so, but we really could have used some cloud cover. To make things worse, the wind was deadly still, and the water was lower than I’d ever seen it there. read more …


Blue Halo Retroflex II Rod-build

Blue Halo Retroflex II Blue Halo Retroflex II

Retroflex II Impulse Catching my first brookie earlier this year has really got me hankering for an ultralight fly rod.  But it’s probably more of a sickness than anything.  I’m innocently reading some posts on Cameron Mortenson’s the other day, and WHAM! … the next thing I know, I’m looking at an order confirmation read more …


#flytyingtuesday – Sulphur Biot Body Parachute

Sulphur Biot Body Parachute A magnet strip filled with tied flies

The Sulphur Biot Body Parachute This fly, overall, is pretty standard. It’s just like your basic parachute Adams, but with a few twists. Mainly, the body is different. The key to this body is that it is constructed with twisted turkey biots. This twisting of turkey biots creates a really fantastic segmentation on the body read more …


#flytyingtuesday – Hare’s Ear Nymph

Hare's Ear Nymph A hare's ear I've already tied on and snipped off.

#flytyingtuesday This week, I spent the majority of my limited time at the bench whipping up some hare’s ears. I really want to discuss this fly for #flytyingtuesday, but there’s not much to be said that hasn’t been discussed with the hare’s ear. It’s a classic fly, that still produces in a variety of situations. read more …


Neshannock Creek

Better than me already... The fiance, working on a fine cast.

This weekend demonstrated some of the best weather south-western PA has to offer, and I was privileged to get out with my brothers and fiance to check out Neshannock Creek this past Saturday. Learning and ‘getting-into-the-game,’ was a significant hurdle for me. In fact, it took several years of fishing before I hooked a trout read more …