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Adipose Media – CONFLUENTUS

In the summer of 2013, the boys from Adipose Fly Fishing ventured north to a part of Alberta that few anglers have ever set foot in. What they found, was an over abundance of healthy Bull trout and Grayling. During our time, we tried to put a new spin on fly fishing for Bull Trout. What we found, blew our minds! We are proud to present our 3rd short film, CONFLUENTUS, An Adipose Fly Fishing Production.


Fishing Thought – 10.19.2015

They always hit when you’re at least ankle deep in running water. That’s at least how I always remember them. The strangest thoughts that flow through the ‘stream of consciousness.’ In my experience, the thoughts always echo the tenor of water. Standing in pristine headwater territory? You might be contemplating existence of man. Standing in read more …


The Fly Fish Journal

Need a classier coffee table... Excellent Reading

When the fiancĂ©e discussed stopping at Barnes & Noble to pick out the latest bridal magazines, it slipped through. Past my lips; the last barricade between my thoughts  and the outside world… an almost imperceptible groan. I flinched when I heard it, and lowered my head – an involuntary defense mechanism almost entirely attributable to read more …


The Itinerant Angler Podcast – (the 9-5 survival kit)

My seat at the cubicle farm is adjacent to ‘the pop fridge…’ a blessing and a curse. While a practical warehouse of caffeine sits mere steps away, I’m stuck listening to the prattle of every high-strung schmuck looking for my favored fix. And that’s how it started. When it came to shutting out my co-workers, read more …


Isopropanol… It’s What’s for Dinner (Potter County, PA)

Well, that might be the case if you live in PA’s Potter County anyway… Last week, I wrote a few sentences about PAFBC settlements with fracking companies; notably the Dunkard Creek fish kill (‘allegedly‘) attributable to Murray Energy. As a result, I’ve been a little more ‘tuned into’ the environmental side of things, and happened read more …


Bargain Shopper: Allen Fly Fishing “8wt” Edition

With temperatures dropping recently, fall and winter are knocking on the door. That means steelhead are right around the corner. Personally, I can’t wait to head towards the Great Lakes later this month, but no matter where you go, Allen Fly Fishing is looking out for ya. Members of their email list recently received three read more …