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So at this point, everyone interested already knows, but it’s worth a discussion. REI has chosen not to engage in the ‘Black Friday’ shenanigans this year, and is instead encouraging their employees and customers to enjoy the outdoors. Now there are a few ways to read this. It’s good PR. REI is encouraging the lifestyle read more …


Stripping Ostrich Eyes

If you haven’t yet checked out tightline media on vimeo or youtube, you’re missing out. Here, they’re sharing a helpful top for those of us tired of ripping quills with “the eraser method.” I haven’t gotten to try this approach yet,  but I imagine one could reduce the risk of over-bleaching by reducing the bleach-to-water read more …


A Memory Problem

Such an Exciting Experience! My first steelhead

It seems that I’m having problems with my memory recently. This past weekend, I broke free from the household monotony and drove on up to the Erie tribs to fish for steelhead on-the-fly. However, now that I’m back, I find the fog moving across my mind; details poking through the haze like islands piercing the read more …