Archive: August 2016

Cinnamon Ant

Now that we’re getting into the late-summer and early-fall, I don’t have to tell anyone that terrestrial season is here at last. I also shouldn’t have to tell you that Tim Flagler has you covered again with the latest from Tightline Video. But I suppose I just have. Check out his newest simple tutorial below.


Gold King Mine Wastewater Spill Investigation Underway

Do you remember the Animus river’s color-show last year? Anyway, the EPA is finally starting up a criminal probe into the Gold King Mine wastewater spill that caused it. Huffpo gave a simple write-up here. Anyway, we’re talking about 3 million gallons of wastewater with 900,000 lbs of solids/heavy metals. Usually I’d approach this from read more …


Brooks Midge Emerger Pattern

In all my recent trips to the tailwater… it’s been midge patterns that have been killing it. Considering that, I was very excited to see Tim Flagler’s latest video, even though I think I might be running to the store for hackle and hooks as a result. Either way, the video makes a great distraction, read more …