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Hank Patterson 2017

Are you feeling extra exhausted today? Perhaps, inconsolable? Maybe you’re feeling let down, disappointed, or abandoned. Maybe these feelings have something to do with a television program you watched recently. Perhaps it was another reality television show. The characters acting in their usual fashion… squabbling and squawking. Bickering for the entirety of the 1.5 hour, read more …


Cleaning Up Those Dirty Pictures

As someone who tries to share photos of flies on a regular basis, I definitely still struggle with the logistics of taking the photographs. With hair, wire, synthetics, dubbing, and thread packed within tight confines, it can be difficult. Overwings can cast shadows on the thorax of the fly, legs cause the fly to sit read more …


2 Hours 52 Minutes

My Path to the Breeches My Path to the Breeches

I’m sitting in my living room, underneath my wife’s electrically heated blanket, sick from work. My mind begins to wander, and the next think I know, I realize I could be at Yellow Breeches Creek in exactly 2 hours 52 minutes. Surely, there are other options. Oil Creek is about 1 hour 45 minutes North. read more …


Fish Packers

If you’ve got five minutes in your day for a quick read today, this story is worth it. Beautiful photography, beautiful scenery, and the true account of the lengths people will go to find trout in beautiful places. ​“The cool thing about these mountain lakes is they just don’t get the pressure,” Garren says. “It read more …


Science Vs – Some Thoughts

I’ve never been particularly reticent to discuss podcasts here, but usually there is some relationship to fly fishing. And technically, that’s still the case today, but I suppose that connection is slightly more tenuous, so… you’ve been warned. Recently, I’ve been getting deeper and deeper entwined in the podcasts offered by Gimlet media, and “Science read more …