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Some Optimism for Friday

In Pittsburgh, I’m used to the unpredictable weather. We seem to live in a certain bubble where forecasts are a little less ‘scientific hypothesis’ and a little more ‘documented shrug.’ The East-coast has certainly seen its share of strange weather this winter. Or, at least, what memory presents as strange weather. I clearly remember unseasonable temperatures read more …


Coming Out of the Spam Queue

We’ve all been there. TU has our email addresses, and regularly enough, we receive the newsletter. It’s right next to the newsletter from all of our favorite brands, bands, newstands, and political demands. Daily, it’s a lot to deal with. We’ve got noise and signal, and it becomes almost impossible to distinguish the two. I’m read more …


‘Light’ Reading for Your Humpday

So, you’re in the middle of your workweek. If you’re anything like me, daydreams about last weekend are a painful reminder of something you’ve lost. Somehow though, the upcoming weekend’s reveries still seem like an unattainable dream on the far horizon. If your lunchbreak has just ended, you might be wondering whether the clock has read more …


Deer Creek, PA a Quick Video

I definitely wanted to follow up on yesterday’s post with a quick video of the trout fighting for territory in Deer Creek, PA.   Yesterday’s post covered the ‘fish-in-a-barrel’ nature of the whole experience, but I’m not quite sure I conveyed the aggression that we were seeing. I’m not quite sure what we’re looking at, read more …


Fall Stockings – Deer Creek

Another stockie Another stockie

Every fall, I find myself stretched thin, but I think it’s just seasonal. Sometimes I’ll lust for the sun-drenched warmth of the past few months. Simultaneously, I’ll ache for the steelhead fishing is just beyond the horizon. The cooler days bring my thoughts to pumpkin beers, holidays with family, orange leaves, and the solitude of read more …


2 Hours 52 Minutes

My Path to the Breeches My Path to the Breeches

I’m sitting in my living room, underneath my wife’s electrically heated blanket, sick from work. My mind begins to wander, and the next think I know, I realize I could be at Yellow Breeches Creek in exactly 2 hours 52 minutes. Surely, there are other options. Oil Creek is about 1 hour 45 minutes North. read more …


Fish Packers

If you’ve got five minutes in your day for a quick read today, this story is worth it. Beautiful photography, beautiful scenery, and the true account of the lengths people will go to find trout in beautiful places. ​“The cool thing about these mountain lakes is they just don’t get the pressure,” Garren says. “It read more …


Bluelining – Redington: Find Your Water

Redington nails it again with the latest in their series of ‘Find Your Water’ videos. This one follows a pair of younger anglers through the southern Appalachian foothills. In only a few minutes, this video perfectly exemplifies what I love about bluelining here in the Laurel Highlands. Short video. Definitely inspiring. Check it out below. read more …