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The blind leading the one-eyed man

THE Fly Fishing Giveaway – Heads Up!

The Fall Fly FIshing Giveaway The Fall Fly Fishing Giveaway

I’ve been reading ‘This Is Fly’ for some time now, but somehow, I’ve missed the daily blog run by the TIF folks. They’re currently supporting a giveaway, so if there’s a good time to check it out… now is the time.   Enter to win gear from Tacky, Fly Fish Food, Airflo, Cheeky, Rep Your read more …


How to Fish a Soft Hackle

There are a lot of fly fishing tutorials available online, but like anything else on the internet, you’ll likely need to do a bit of sorting. Luckily though, RIO Products is making the decision easy with their new introductory series of videos. The first video in the series, “How to Fish a Soft Hackle,” has read more …


Exterus Ebb Series Sling Pack – Gear Review (sorta)

So, at my sister’s wedding rehearsal the other day, my brother approached me about sling packs. He was in the market, and was wondering whether I could make any recommendations, post a review on the blog, or otherwise point him in the right direction. I got home and had an opportunity to check my email. read more …


‘Light’ Reading for Your Humpday

So, you’re in the middle of your workweek. If you’re anything like me, daydreams about last weekend are a painful reminder of something you’ve lost. Somehow though, the upcoming weekend’s reveries still seem like an unattainable dream on the far horizon. If your lunchbreak has just ended, you might be wondering whether the clock has read more …


Cleaning Up Those Dirty Pictures

As someone who tries to share photos of flies on a regular basis, I definitely still struggle with the logistics of taking the photographs. With hair, wire, synthetics, dubbing, and thread packed within tight confines, it can be difficult. Overwings can cast shadows on the thorax of the fly, legs cause the fly to sit read more …


Fly Fishing Gift Guide (Last Minute Edition)

Let’s face facts. Fly fishermen are awful to shop for. If we want it, it’s probably already racked with our rod tubes, or stacked in our sling packs. ¬†Worse yet, brand loyalty is a religious affair. I’ve seen men unable to arraign raingear. We’re fully vested in vestments… swearing allegiance to the logo. And while read more …