Coming Out of the Spam Queue

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We’ve all been there. TU has our email addresses, and regularly enough, we receive the newsletter. It’s right next to the newsletter from all of our favorite brands, bands, newstands, and political demands. Daily, it’s a lot to deal with. We’ve got noise and signal, and it becomes almost impossible to distinguish the two. I’m going to try to convince you to pop that newsletter out of your spambox.


The Release

Adequately named, TU’s monthly news letter is as punnily named as it is relevant and cohesive. Each issue starts with an introduction from VP/Editor-in-Chief Kirk Deeter detailing the major emphasis for each month. The body of the newsletter highlights columns, articles, blog posts, and videos supporting the month’s key themes or items. October, for example, saw plenty of articles about global warming and federal lands. If you’ll tolerate, I’ll share two of my favorites.


Here, TU discusses stream assessment initiatives led by the PA FIsh and Boat Commission, in collaboration with TU volunteers. This article¬†definitely taught me some things, and has me optimistic regarding some of the fishing opportunities I might have nearby. That being said, it also discussed that only 9-10% of PA streams have been assessed, and thusly, there is plenty of work to go. That’s certainly exciting, and promising, but is tempered by the fact that in some places, abandoned mine runoff/drainage still persists. Just a minute or so of your time, and definitely worth the read, whether a PA resident or not.


In another read, you can find a beautifully written discussion of some fishporn screenings from California. I can’t say much more about the subject, but I definitely found this one entertaining in substance and style. Check it out here.

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