Happy Halloween!

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Irregardless of what your textbooks say (some even cast doubts on the validity of the word ‘irregardless’), Halloween is a fantastic holiday. Just for the halibut, we dress up in costumes, and roam the neighborhood. Tricks are encouraged, and treats are mandated. We come home from our boring desk jobs and, if only for one evening, live in a world where the next-door-neighbor-kid is scoring all-pro touchdowns every Sunday. His sister is next-in-line for the monarchy, and their friend from school is our 44th president. Admittedly, there are the kids you hate, with the half-baked costumes and jaded misdemeanors… but for the most part, Halloween is a refreshing departure from the stale, staid climate before election season.


As I was checking my email in my car this morning, a time-honored tradition when attempting to postpone the start of my workday, I received a great promo from the Swift Fly FIshing Company, that seemed to strike the nail on the head. Enter the Special Edition Pack ‘o Lantern Packlight Rod.

The Pack ‘o Lantern

This Epic rod is not your standard offering, and that’s what I love. A glass rod, offered in an opaque orange is a risk. Incorporating Jack o’ Lantern decals onto the blank is another. Considering the unconventional 5-piece construction is yet another.


So often I think that our little industry lacks the personality that it could have. Tradition sells, and Redington’s Vapen didn’t, so let’s stick to the tweed jackets and beige pocketed vests. And perhaps my argument is hyperbolic, but I’m just excited to see such a fun, limited-edition release.


Check out the Pack’o Lantern here if you haven’t already. Like that moldy Jack ‘o Lantern on your porch, the offer will only last for a few more days. Here it is.

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