Holsinger’s Fly Shop – Blowtorch Nymph

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I’m not sure if I’ve featured that much of Shawn’s work, but if not, it’s about time. Here, Shawn explains how to tie a Blowtorch Nymph: a medium-to-heavy bead-head nymph. Particularly, this fly works well as a point or dropper on a tight-line nymphing rig, depending on how it’s tied.

Holsinger’s fly shop is a small shop in East Freedom, PA, and proprieter Shawn Holsinger has been picking up his social media presence recently. Shawn’s videos aren’t going to wow anyone with high-definition, videography, or surprising tying techniques. That being said, he’s really been killing it lately, demonstrating how to tie exactly what he’s been fishing. Recently, his channel has been heavy on Euro-nymphs, and with good reason. These flies are simple to tie, drop to the strike-zone, and catch trout. Ease into your week with a few of Shawn’s videos, or feel free to subscribe for a new video every Monday afternoon.

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