How to Fish a Soft Hackle

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There are a lot of fly fishing tutorials available online, but like anything else on the internet, you’ll likely need to do a bit of sorting. Luckily though, RIO Products is making the decision easy with their new introductory series of videos. The first video in the series, “How to Fish a Soft Hackle,” has been posted in the ‘Make the Connection’ (incredible pun) section of RIO’s website. Check it here.

As a sport, we don’t always do our best to bring new members into the fold. This begins when we’re territorial on the water, and continues with failing to teach the fundamentals of fishing. The ‘tweedy’ image that fly fishing has garnered isn’t undeserved, and by failing to foster the skills of other anglers, we wither our vines. At the end of the day, the conservation of our resources will be placed into the laps of these younger, newer anglers. That’s why I’m particularly excited to see RIO is pulling their weight with this most recent educational series. Follow their lead.

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