Howitzer Bustin Baitfish

Screenshot from the Flymen Fishing Company Tutorial
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It’s no secret. You post a youtube video with a double-digit length, and you’re not likely to get much click-through. News? No thanks, I read the headlines. Press release? Naw, I saw the tweet.

The difficulty is, if you’re tying some of these larger articulated streamers (#articulationnation), even the fastest tiers get sores if their chairs aren’t soft enough. In this video, the Flymen Fishing Company speed things up with an abbreviated version. This pattern is a simple tie (mostly marabou and synthetic hackle) boasting a “Howitzer,” which is billed as the next-generation soft foam popper head. This follows last year’s introduction of the popular ‘double barrel’ popper head design. I haven’t tied mine yet, But I’d expect tons of noise for this cute topwater-pattern.

Check it out below.


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