‘Light’ Reading for Your Humpday

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So, you’re in the middle of your workweek. If you’re anything like me, daydreams about last weekend are a painful reminder of something you’ve lost. Somehow though, the upcoming weekend’s reveries still seem like an unattainable dream on the far horizon. If your lunchbreak has just ended, you might be wondering whether the clock has stopped or whether it’s actually moving backwards. You’d rather read your local library’s card-catalog than your boss’s most recent email, and if Bob-from-Accounting doesn’t get his damn dishes out of the sink, he might as well start searching the dumpster for their porcelain remains with a bottle of gorilla glue on-standby.


Either way, you could probably use a pick-me-up. But luckily, there are tomes of solid fly fishing writing online, none of which has anything to do with me. Days like this probably call for something a little light-hearted. Whether you prefer the bone-dry humor, or a whimsical take on practical advice, we’ve got you covered.

Six Fly Anglers You’ll Meet on the Water

The boys over at PostFly always have what you’re looking for, and that goes beyond their monthly assortment of fly fishing goodies. In addition to their fly pattern and fly tying subscriptions, PostFly also offers some solid blog offerings, branded as “The Wade.” A little while back they posted an article exploring archetypes within fly fishing which was, if not painful… incredibly accurate. But, there’s only a thin line between pain, truth, and humor anyway (or so they say), so give it a quick read right over…. here.


Six MORE Fly Anglers You’ll Meet on the Water

No explanation needed here. The popular article get’s a dutiful follow up, and hopefully there are more coming. Rounding out the classifications at a solid 12, I can definitely see myself, or a previous version of myself, in several of these categories. Unless you’re scared of learning the same, check out the following.


12 Tips on How to Survive a Pit Toilet

So, the title for this one says more than I ever could, but this was certainly an interesting read. While not fly or fishing specific, we’ve all been there… and none of us want to go back. My favorite excerpt:

7. Don’t hover.

Ladies, you may think this works out for you, but it never works out for the next person. In fact, if there’s a line outside when you enter a pit toilet and you do this, you might as well have just offered to pee directly on all the people in line behind you instead.


Give the rest a read right here.


Making Hell a Few Degrees Cooler

Barton is killing it as usual with his most recent post, which I’d best describe as ‘a reflection on gamesmanship.’ Here, he describes how he spends his time when the fishing is lousy on his homegrown… restoration projects? Dry, honest, and reliable. Definitely keep checking out www.singlebarbed.com for posts; even though they’re not regular, they’re always worth it. Check his latest here.

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