Montour Run – Because Thomas Asked For It…

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The other day, I had an opportunity to visit Montour Run… a small silty stream near Robinson, PA that the PFBC stocks withh rainbows each spring and fall.

I’m often conflicted about these streams. Montour Run in particular doesn’t stand a snowman’s chance in hades of holding fish through the summer, and it seems cruel to stock trout into an environment where they’ll eventually suffocate. The only upside is that they’ll likely kick it due to heavy harvest rates or poor fish handling before running out of oxygen. Furthermore, the stocking process has apparently taken its toll on the plant life as well. The pollution is pretty apparent, and there’s pretty drastic erosion (this year in particular).

Either way, I understand why PFBC makes these decisions, which is usually more than I can force myself to admit. Selling trout stamps in on top of licenses increases PFBC revenue. This revenue can then be distributed to other statewide fishing programs. Furthermore, Montour Run has unrivaled access amoungst residential areas on Pittsburgh’s Western side. And when fishermen, particularly fly fishermen, can be more inclusive, we’re creating figure enthusiasts… and hopefully conservationists.

At the end of the day, I suppose is a necessary evil. Anyhow, my brother popped over to cast a few flies. Sarcastically he asked if I would feature him on the blog.

Dreams do come true brother.

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  • written by Tom Gerlowski May 20, 2016 6:25 pm

    I am hoping you aren’t prejudiced in any way against those named Thomas. Great story, glad to see the pictures!

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