Podcasts, and Why You Should Be Listening If You Aren’t Already…

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At this point, if you’re not listening to podcasts, you’re officially not “with it” anymore, but that’s alright, we’ve got your back.

I probably don’t have to tell you this, but media illiteracy is a real struggle, so let’s start simple. Podcasts are essentially mini ‘radio shows’ that you can control. They were popularized during the advent of the iPod and other .mp3 players, and are ‘broadcast’ (or distributed) via the internet. (iPod + broadcast = podcast… get it?) Anyway, you can listen to them on your computer, smart phone, tablet, mp3 player, gaming systems, or just about any other ‘smart device,’ and you can do so whenever you want. Podcasts are downloaded to your device as an audible file that can be played whenever you have the availability.

If NPR had a punk-rock equivalent… it would be the podcast. Generally, creators are ultra-passionate, content is cheap to produce, there is minimal (if any) capital investment, the quality is occassionally less than admirable, consumption costs are low (or free), and reputation is strongly correlated to word of mouth publicity.

That being said, the decentralized distribution of content allows creators the freedom ‘to podcast’ about anything they like. A radio-station could never feasibly broadcast a show with esoteric subject matter, but podcast creators, facing low costs and throwing a ‘wide net,” can target any demo it wants.

Thusly, quality fly fishing podcasts are in ample supply, and if you’re not already listening, now is a great time.

I want to highlight a few of my favorites with my next few posts, but in the interim, check out the following review for Zach Matthews’ “Itinerant Angler Podcast.

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