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Some Optimism for Friday

In Pittsburgh, I’m used to the unpredictable weather. We seem to live in a certain bubble where forecasts are a little less ‘scientific hypothesis’ and a little more ‘documented shrug.’ The East-coast has certainly seen its share of strange weather this winter. Or, at least, what memory presents as strange weather. I clearly remember unseasonable temperatures read more …


A Memory Problem

Such an Exciting Experience! My first steelhead

It seems that I’m having problems with my memory recently. This past weekend, I broke free from the household monotony and drove on up to the Erie tribs to fish for steelhead on-the-fly. However, now that I’m back, I find the fog moving across my mind; details poking through the haze like islands piercing the read more …


Bargain Shopper: Allen Fly Fishing “8wt” Edition

With temperatures dropping recently, fall and winter are knocking on the door. That means steelhead are right around the corner. Personally, I can’t wait to head towards the Great Lakes later this month, but no matter where you go, Allen Fly Fishing is looking out for ya. Members of their email list recently received three read more …


New Year… New Goals…

As I’m writing this, it’s January 2nd. The Christmas cookies have hardly gone stale, evidence of a buffalo chicken dip sits encrusted to its glass coffin, and my girlfriend is already seeking better customer service following a ‘less-than-satisfactory’ holiday gift purchase. I’m cleaning up the breakfast dishes and, let’s face it; I’m in a stupor.