The Open Fly Podcast – A Eulogy

Stick a fork in 'em
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In the course of writing reviews for my favorite podcasts, I came across a blurb from Evan of “The Open Fly” podcast. It was titled, “Stick a Fork in Us, We’re Done.” Above the title stood a symbolic equation; the equation’s right hand showing a cartoonish fork driven into the ‘Open Fly’ logo.

The Open Fly (OFP) balked at pretense. ‘Instructional’ became an inside joke among the hosts. If listeners were looking for instructional content, they must be lost. Hosts Evan Burke, Derek Young, and Kirk Werner were correct… in tone. The OFP was a podcast to drive to, it was a podcast to tie to, and it was a podcast to drink to. The entirety of the podcast, as its name might suggest, was funny, entertaining, and irreverent. It worked because the banter, sarcasm, frustration, and emotions of the three were all easily accessible during their discussions, and it’s hard to imagine that it would have worked as well with different hosts.

That being said, Evan, Derek, and Kirk were also wrong. The OFP did instruct whether they meant to or not. In the midst of their ramblings, they covered their own regional conservation, and fisheries management issues. River closures, runoff issues, and hoot-owl restrictions are unheard of in Pittsburgh, and even tangential exposure opened new doors. Moreover, the OFP was a fly fishing interview show, with knowledgeable and diverse guests who managed to sneak enough instruction while the fellas were busy bullsh-ting.

During the podcast, the guys often addressed the logistical difficulties they were facing. Guiding schedules and long commutes  frustrated the hosts. As the space between each broadcast grew, one could feel strain. Somehow, I was still surprised to find that Evan, Derek, and Kirk had waved the white flag on their podcast. It’s strange to think back or listen to their frustrations, cavalierly discussed without knowing the same frustrations would eventually end the podcast.

Anyway, it sucks to know there won’t be any more episodes released. Their podcasts are (relatively) evergreen, so I highly recommend a listen here. It’s good for a binge-listen, if nothing else.

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  • written by Evan September 12, 2016 8:24 pm

    It’s nice to feel like someone cares

    Also: I moved to Portland. That’s a long way from the hamlet of DOO-Vall

    • written by September 12, 2016 10:53 pm

      Similarly, I’m pretty happy to see that you saw this. I loved your show, and hopefully you guys still get to hang out despite the distance.

      Hope Portland is treating you alright,

      • written by Evan September 13, 2016 3:34 pm

        Kirk found it on the Twitters. So really, we’ve all seen it.

        We haven’t “hung out” since I moved. If you look at a map, you can see Duvall (where the show took place), and then compare that to where Ellensburg (Derek) and Portland (me) are. Then you’d understand why that’s the case.

        Portland is good. Working for a great company now (Rajeff Sports). So things is good and stuff.

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